cartoon network 25th

Cartoon network’s 25th anniversary

While working at Oddfellows (2016-2018), I had my hand in all types of projects. But this one was a bit of a childhood dream to be a part of!

I took charge of animation on 2 scenes: Dexter’s Lab and Powerpuff Girls. You can see the rough stage of both scenes below.

Client: Cartoon Network

Directed by: Oddfellows

Executive Creative Direction: Colin Trenter
Creative Direction: Josh Parker
Design Direction: Jay Quercia
Executive Producer: TJ Kearney
Producer: Jen Szeto
Design: Jay Quercia
Animation: Josh Parker, Jay Quercia, Stan Cameron, Khylin Woodrow👋, Kavan Magsoodi, Paul ter Voorde, Melisa Farina, Harry Teitelman, Sandra Rivas
Music and Sound: Wevie